House for sale: Fabrication Services

Let Lustercraft help make your project a reality. Our full service fabrication shop is equipped to perform simple tasks like cutting a panel to size or more complicated creations such as museum display cases. Acrylic is our specialty.

Plastic cut while you wait at Lustercraft

Cut-to-size While You Wait

Need a couple of panels cut to size? No problem. We can perform most cut jobs while you wait in our comfortable showroom and lobby.

Custom plastic profiles and extrusions at Lustercraft Plastics

Custom Profiles and Extrusions

We can design and produce custom plastic edge-bands, trim-pieces, caps, and moldings that give your product a finished look.

Plastic edge finishing at Lustercraft Plastics

Finished Edges

Let us remove the rough, saw-cut edges of your plastic panels with a polished, glass-like finish.

Plastic corner radius finishing at Lustercraft Plastics

Radiused Corners

Removing the sharp corners of your plastic panels insures safety and gives your project a clean, finished look.

Plastic drilling and tapping services at Lustercraft Plastics

Drilling and Taping

We drill and cut holes of all sizes. Some plastics, such as acrylics, can be tapped to accept machine screws.

Lustercraft Plastic Fabrication Services

Plastic Joinery

Many plastics can be bonded chemically using specialty solvent cements designed for a specific type of plastic. Sometimes joinery using mechanical fasteners is the best option.

Plastic line bend finishing at Lustercraft

Line Bends

Heating a line in themoplastic sheet using a hot wire allows us to fold or bend plastic sheet along a straight line. We also sell simple heating elements for the do-it-yourselfer.

Plastic thermoforming at Lustercraft Plastics


Heating thermoforming sheet in our thermoforming ovens allows us to stretch the plastic into various shapes using compressed air, vacuum, or a combination of both. Tooling costs can be expensive, but cost effective for simple part runs.