Polycarbonate (Lexan) Sheet

Clear Polycarbonate sheet in 0.030″ to 0.50″. We also stock abrasion resistant, black, white, grey, and bronze.

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Sometimes referred to by it’s many trade names such including Lexan, Palsun and Makrolon, Polycarbonate is an incredibly tough transparent plastic. It is a great choice wherever you are concerned about a panel getting broken. Typical sheet applications include machine guards, security windows, and anywhere a tough, transparent glazing is needed. Polycarbonate is prone to yellowing with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Consider using acrylic sheet under these circumstances. Polycarbonate is difficult to glue and bond. We typically use mechanical fasteners (bolts, rivets, etc.) when fabricating parts. Polycarbonate is much softer than acrylic and scratches cannot be polished out. We stock Abrasion Resistant polycarbonate sheet that resists scratches and also provides good U.V. protection, increasing the sheets sun-life.